Application interface

Universal accessibility and volunteering in just one App

The Outbarriers’s App (available for Android and iOS) is the most universal, practical and economic solution for people with severe vision problems

It works in the majority of nowadays Smartphones. It is just necessary to have an Android 4.3 phone (or superior) / iOS 7 (or superior) that has Bluetooth 4

During the whole developing process, every new included characteristic, has been validated and tried by blind people. This is very important to achieve significant and innovative progresses related to usability and design in general. This is one of the characteristics that marks our values as a company.

Make yourself visible

We are not conscious of what vision problems really represents until we or someone from our surrounding experience it. Nowadays, thanks to the generation known as Millenials, all this circumstances are nowadays social issues that have to be considered as they have become more important.

For this reason, he have added the option to inform people about points in the city that should be repaired, and if this is not possible, at least notify via Outbarriers

If you like helping others, we would like to contact you. You can find more information in make yourself visible.


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