How to detect a dangerous point?

Punto peligroso, diferentes alturas en la acera

The public space is any area of the municipality that sets the city.Are the streets, squares, parks and gardens. Throughout allthis space people with impaired vision are,every day, new obstacles in their usual routes.At any obstacles that hinder the way to our visually impairedidentify them as a dangerous point.

It is essential that the pedestrian to move comfortably and safelyaround the city. This in our hands to help them, guide them along the right path.This is the reason for creating a map of dangerous points and visibleto all.

Outbarriers through its app allows you to warn of obstacles inpublic spaces. You just have to take a picture with your phone andwrite a short description of the location and the danger posedto people who can not detect.

Dangerous points that we can find in the city can be,for example, trees without proper tree pits, stairs without handrails,bad records, types of lamps, works in publicwithout signaling and generally any obstaclein the people path.