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With Outbarriers your shop will be "visible" for blind people

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Reach more people

The accessibility of your business is one of the key factors in increasing your target market. Outbarriers make it possible for you to reach people with severe vision problems. Thanks to a beacon in your establishment, you will be able to add your company to their list of trusted businesses.

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Our App is available for iOS and Android. You can experience with it how it is helping blind people on a daily basis.

We believe in a better world

Not everything is a question of concerning technology. It is important that the society takes consciousness about the real circumstances of people with visual disabilities. The app is also for those people that want to change the world into a better one. They would inform about dangerous points in the city and participate in different events.

Application interface

An app to change the world

Outbarries is born from a real need to help people with vision problems. We have always been conscious of what it represents, thanks to our wide knowledge that we have in this field, as we have been in a permanent contact with people in this situation. That knowledge allowed us to create a solution that has been improving step by step.

Thanks to the support of FIWARE, the mass media and businesses, today Outbarriers is a reality with an objective to make of this word a better place for all of us. A world where the cities are adapted for its citizens and not vice versa.

Put a beacon and make yourself visible!

If you want your company to be visible to everybody you just have to put an Outbarries beacon at the entrance.

¿How does the beacon work? It is autonomic, discrete and does not require any internet connection. If the beacon is placed by the door, it will notify all the people that have the app, that your company supports Outbarriers.

From the control panel you will be able to set up all the information about your business: accessibility, offers, promotions, etc.

Take advantage of our launch offer and subscribe to Outbarriers. Help us to improve the world starting with your city.

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Antonio, using beacons

They are already visible, now your business will be visible too

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