Frecuently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How is installed?

All you have to do is paste the beacon into the arch of the trading gate. The ideal is in the center, but if it is glued to the side there is no problem. Our technical team will advise you if you need it.

2. How is set-upped?

Once you have made the purchase, we send the access data to the control panel, where you can configure the messages easily.

3. What maintenance does it have?

Practically none. Each beacon has an average duration of 2 years. Next to the beacon we send you some simple instructions so that you can change the battery in less than a minute.

4. Where can I download the app?

Universal accessibility services are offered through apps and webapps. The following are now available::

Progressively we will be adding more accessible services.

5. How the beacon works?

The beacon is an autonomous device that periodically emits a signal through the use of Bluetooth Smart ©. This signal is received by the smartphone of the users that will be processed and will notify the user with the corresponding messages (audible and visible) or action.

6. Why not use GPS that does not require installing any beacon?

First it must be said that the GPS does not have the necessary precision for it to report correctly (the best accuracy measured is 3m-5m).
Second is that GPS consumes a lot more battery than Bluetooth Smart © (low power Bluetooth). How much? We are talking about 420 times more than the Bluetooh Smart ©.

7. How much does it cost?

This is the best. The service is offered by annual subscription. For less than € 9 a month your trade will be "visible" for everyone and you will benefit from all the advantages and services developed.

8. Is there a volume discount for large areas or facilities?

Yes, according to the volume we apply a discount on the PVP in the annual subscription. We also have distributor prices for accessibility companies, accessible tourism and consultants/agencies.

9. What is the price per beacon?

The price is per service. If it is very large the establishment, the annual subscription price for additional beacon is € 25.

10. For a large trade shop like a clothing store, how many beacons is required?

As a general rule, a beacon is required per access door (placed on the arch). Then, a beacon by functional department is recommended. In the case of a clothing store, it would be testers and payment boxes. To complete the service may be interesting beacons to notify the area of men, women, home, etc.

11. Is there a grant?

Yes, many municipalities and local public and governmental institutions such as offer different aids to improve competitiveness, digitization and accessibility. You have to study the specific case to see the options available.

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