Accesibility card

What is it for?

The Outbarriers card was designed with the aim to increase the level of quality and accessibility, for the websites of the companies that are member of our Visible Business Program.

¿Qué contiene?

Información relevante sobre el comercio. Nombre, nivel de accesibilidad, horario. El logo de outbarriers enlaza a la web con toda la información del comercio: descripción, localización, enlaces a redes sociales e imagenes del local.

Accesibility level

To identify if the store is accessible to blind people, we have our own Outbarriers’s icon, which is a helmet with green color on it, if you are accessible, and a red helmet only when it is not adapted for everyone.

Advantages for businesses

Make your company known to a community of blind people through the businesses’ web sites.

How does it work?

With just a few simple steps, we include your website. This card allows your web site will be visible to everyone. Any electronic device adapted for blind people will be able to recognize the Outbarriers card.

Who it is for?

In Outbarriers we want every single website visible for everyone, therefore, we invite all companies to be visible for all internauts.

Advantages for sightless

Devices for sightless people, will be able to inform them about the opening hours and indicate if the establishment is opened or closed thanks to the card