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Peluquería San Antón

Peluquería San Antón See detail

Hotel Los Jerónimos

Hotel Los Jerónimos See detail

Restaurante La Corrala del Carbón

Restaurante La Corrala del Carbón See detail

Portago Moda Hombre

Portago Moda Hombre See detail

Los Guerrilleros

Los Guerrilleros See detail

Cafetería López Mezquita

Cafetería López Mezquita See detail

Cafetería López Mezquita

Llaves Santa Clotilde

Ferreteria Santa Clotilde See detail

Artesanía Medina Plaza Bib-Rambla

Artesanía Medina Plaza Bib-Rambla See detail

Duo Peluqueros

Duo Peluqueros See detail

Pastelería isla - Recogidas

Pastelería isla - Recogidas See detail

Farmacia Gálvez

Farmacia Gálvez See detail

Artesanía Medina

Artesanía Medina See detail

Artesanía Medina

Fernando Cara

Fernando Cara See detail

Óptica Bailon

Óptica Bailon See detail

Rosselli Zapatería

Rosselli Zapatería See detail

Grupo Mayfo

Grupo Mayfo See detail

Pastelería isla - Acera del Darro

Pastelería isla - Acera del Darro See detail


Chikito See detail

San Eloy

San Eloy See detail

Agaz Abogados

Agaz Abogados See detail

Agaz Abogados

Pastelería isla - Caleta

Pastelería isla - Caleta See detail

Discos Gran Vía

Discos Gran Via. Tienda de música. See detail


Fegradi See detail

Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma See detail

Restaurante El Coso

Restaurante El Coso See detail

Los diamantes

Los diamantes See detail

Pastelería isla - Triunfo

Pastelería isla - Triunfo See detail

Hotel Alhambra Palace

Hotel Alhambra Palace See detail

Hotel Alhambra Palace

Los Italianos

Heladería Los Italianos See detail

Las Tinajas

Las Tinajas See detail


Tatoonka See detail

Pastelería isla - Camino de Ronda

Pastelería isla - Camino de Ronda See detail

Fusion Pasion

Fusion Pasion See detail

Mariscal - Carrera del Genil

Mariscal - Carrera del Genil See detail


Haydia See detail


See detail


Ganivet See detail

Pastelería isla - Genil

Pastelería isla - Genil See detail

Hammam Al Andalus

Hammam Al Andalus See detail

Tertia Sensu

Tertia Sensu See detail

Abades Recogidas

Abades Recogidas See detail

Abades Recogidas

La Gracia de Dios

La Gracia de Dios See detail

Cafetería Madrid

Cafetería Madrid See detail

Mariscal - Avd. Constitucion

Mariscal - Avd. Constitucion See detail

Cafe Lisboa

Cafe Lisboa See detail

Cafe Lisboa

The 40 essentials

The 40 essentials was our first program in Outbarriers. It started at the beginning of December 2015. 40 of the most emblematic companies, located in the historic city center in Granada, joined.

If you find yourself in the historic city center of Granada, you will be able to identify the businesses which joined the program The 40 Essentials, they have our stickers.

All the establishments have installed a small beacon, located at the entrances of their stores. The Outbarriers beacon enables to send all the information to the app that sends the indications to blind people. This way, they will be able to easily approach the store.