Make yourself visible!

The blindness and severe vision problems are difficulties that over millions of people suffer around the world. If you are able to read this page by yourself, then you are probably not in those millions.

Surely, you are conscious that they cannot see and you might have once closed your eyes just to try "how it feels".

The truth is, that even wearing a bandage in our eyes for 24 hours we would never be capable to know what they feel.

These people are also a part of the society, just like you, and the most important thing is that, we should help them to have a normal and inclusive life.

If you are a nonconformists, person who want a better society, we want you and need you!.

How can I help?

The city is full of obstacles and imperfections, which obstruct the pass for pedestrians. Imagine if you would had also vision problems!.

You can start by helping to identify those dangerous points and obstacles thanks to our app. We will show you how:

1. Download the app

2. If you detect a zone to point

Escaleras peligrosas sin pasamanos

3. Press 'Report a dangerous point'

  • Upload a picture where you can clearly see the obstacle or problem
  • Add a short description of the problem
  • Press 'Send'
  • We will verify and validate the zone once we received it
  • Thank you!