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Accesibility card

What is it for?

La tarjeta de Outbarriers se ha diseñado con la intención de dar un salto de calidad a nivel de accesibilidad, en las páginas web de los comercios que forman parte del programa comercio visible.

How does it work?

Mediante unos sencillos pasos, se incluye en la página web del comercio. Esta tarjeta permite que la página sea visible para cualquier persona. Cualquier dispositivo adaptado para personas invidentes será capaz de reconocer la tarjeta de Outbarriers.

Accesibility level

Para representar si la web del comercio es accesible para ciegos se utiliza el icono de Outbarriers, que tendrá un color verde en el caso de ser accesible y rojo en caso de que la web no este adaptada para todos

Advantages for businesses

Make your company known to a community of blind people through the businesses’ web sites.

Make yourself visible

But the problem of blindness... it is a social problem. We are not aware of what is until you experience it or someone in our environment suffers. Today, thanks to the generation known as Millennials, this and other social problems we are interested

For this reason we have added the option to report on parts of the city that should be fixed and while this is not possible, notify by Outbarriers.

If you like helping others, we hope to have you. You can see more information on make you visible

Make your business visible to all

By subscribing to the visible trade program Outbarriers you get all these advantages:

  • Business 'visible' and accessible to both local customers with problems severe vision and visitors / tourists.

  • Visibility in the program 'Trade Visible' in the web of Outbarriers.

  • Great and affordable way to get Corporate Social Responsibility program.

  • New products and new features that we continually adding.We are always on the cutting edge of technology applied to the inclusion social and improving society.

  • The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to improve society.